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Around the World with Pop It Rite

I have traveled to nearly every state in the US and overseas servicing food processing equipment for clients as small as mom and pop gourmet shops to big movie theater chains and global food giants.

Before starting Pop It Rite (formerly C & S Service Techs), I accumulated more than three decades of hands on experience by repairing, maintaining and installing popcorn poppers, batch and continuous snack food systems. In fact, I’ve worked on just about every concession food equipment that you’ll find operating behind the counter at any outlet that sells popcorn, roasted nuts and extruded food products. Most of my expertise was developed during my 21-year career with C. Cretors & Co., a leading designer and manufacturer of concession, foodservice and food processing equipment.

My electrical and mechanical knowledge took me beyond a mere role on the manufacturing shop floor. I also handled the servicing and repair of the company’s commercial and industrial equipment. My responsibilities expanded to include research and development for new products, testing, and I frequently was out into the field to install processing equipment and food production lines.

In addition to maintenance and repair, I can train concession managers and employees on-site in the proper techniques for cleaning and maintaining equipment and how to handle small repairs. My courses also include best practices for storing and preparing concession items to ensure tasty quality and reduced waste. I also provide expert consulting for clients seeking advice about equipment selection and efficient food processing station setups.
I have extensive knowledge about the concession business, and I am passionate about what I do. One reason I love this work is I can solve problems for my clients. It’s what I really enjoy.

If you would like to tap into my immense knowledge of the concession business and food processing equipment, call me at (708)369-6384 or send me a message at tim@popitrite.com.

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Tim Caldwell

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